Junior Team Member Harry Tindall Has Been Out

Just under 2 months ago I started my campaign on Sutton 2, I knew very little about the lake apart from the fact that it is rock hard and not many fish come out. I got my ticket at the beginning of the season but decided not to fish it straight away as I knew it would be very busy so I waited for it to calm down a bit before I started. I was only going to be fishing the lake for roughly 6 hours in the evenig after I finished work as you have to be off the lake by 10:30pm. This was one of the main factors that makes the lake so difficult. I did my first session on the 25th of July and despite fish showing over my spots I blanked (this isn’t unusual as I later found out). I was going home that evening frustrated by the amount of fish that I had seen and not catching one. I carried on doing the the evenings trying to find where the fish were when I turned up but this was difficult as they only seem to show them selfs at dusk when it is getting dark and by that time most swims on the lake are taken and is hard to get in where the fish are showing. So it turned into a big guessing game. Fast forward 2 weeks and this was when we had the torrential rain I decided I had to go down the lake. On arrival at the gate it started to lash it down. So still with positive thoughts in mind I unloded the car and had a good walk round the lake and found where some fish were showing. So I chucked both rods out with a few pouches of CT over the top using humbug wafters as my hook baits. After that was all sorted I got straight under my brolly and Waited, after no time at all it was 9pm and it was looking good for a bite And out of nowhere came a screeming run and I was in to my first Sutton 2 carp after a hairy battle I had it in the net. I couldn’t describe the feeling but it was such a relief. I had landed my first Sutton 2 scaly! Now with one under my belt and feeling a lot more confident I managed to bank another one 3 sessions later this time being a lovely 21lb linear stockie the bite came around the same time as the last so it was looking like I would be catching a lot of my fish in the last hour I had on the lake be before I had to be off. After I had that fish I carried on doing at least 2 – 3 Evenings a week and it was a good three weeks later that I had my latest fish. I turned up to the lake trying to feel as confident as possible but when I pulled up in the car park it was packed which isn’t what I like to see. So I loaded up my barrow and had a walk round the lake, there wasn’t a lot of choice left so I went in to a swim called the dugout which has quite a lot of water in front of it and I thought that I would stand a good chance fishing in there. I clipped up, found my spots and got my rods out it wasn’t long after I had set up one showed to the right of my spot which gave me a boost of confidence but after that I didn’t really see much in front of me until about 9:30 one showed right over one of my rods and guess what 5 minuets later that rod peeled off now I was playing my 3rd carp but this one was not Hanging around, To say that it beat me up would be a understatement. After about 10 mins my mate rob slipped the net under it. It was a lovely common. When we got it out of the water we realised the true size of it and I said “thats a new PB” and it was weighing in a 34lb 4oz. Not only was it a new PB but it was my first 30lber, I was buzzing! We took a few pictures and slipped it back. .

Sutton was now definitely my new addiction

Mike Eves With One Of The A Team On His First Visit

Excitedly turned up for my 1st session at my new club (given a pass for the whole weekend by the Mrs 😉😉).The 1st night went by with a couple of bleeps,watched alot of fizzing in the morning and decided to re-position my rods to where the fizzing had been.After a sleepless night due to a blocked nose 😷 my left hand rod bleeped into action slowly taking line. A mint ghost common hit the spreader block and I immediately knew which fish I had……happy days. A fish known as ‘Baby Brutus’ @33lb. Taken on a 16mm Crafty Carper ‘show special’ pop-up over hemp, A2 banoffee and ct chops.

Darren Reynolds Has Been Out Last Weekend At DBL

I left work at 4pm on the friday and headed straight for the lake. On arrival to the lake i was amazed at the amount of cars in the car park.I went for a walk around the lake to be told there was left 20’s and double gravel was the only known good swims available to fish. So out came the water bottle and walked straight to the left twenties set up all four rods but didn’t have a great feeling about the swim. Once set up i had heard whisper that a few swims down from me was having it off. I went to book one of the swims called particles, to move in saturday morning around 8:30am. I then went back to my swim for a early night in hope maybe to be awoken by a carp . But no joy from that swim walk my gear down to the particles and was told phil the guy in the swim had had a brace of 30’s in the night and he then lost one while i was there awaiting him to pack up. I got the spots he was fishing thinking it may help me out a bit if the fish was still in the swim and he then left. I set up my house for the night cast two rods out towards his spots he was fishing and two rods on spots i have taken fish from in the past. I ended up with four fish in 24 hours from the swim No.1 27lb No.3 20lb 2oz No.4 26lb 6oz was on a banoffee yellow 70/30’s and No.2 31lb 8oz on MUM’S Special popups. I have not been on the bank since june so this weekend was a great way to return to the lake.

Cant wait until i get the chance to get back out again now.

Thanks to A2 Baits For Making My Return Catches This Great

Rob dunk next edition of diary piece.

My ‘August’ on Dartford Im going start this blog, not in August as the title suggests, but literally in the last day of July, simply because thats when after a few weeks break from Dartford, I decided to get the rods back out down there. I’d been doing a few trips down at Kirby Viaduct but was itching to get back on Dartford and start battling the thick weed, and the challenges that brings, I walked it on the Saturday and sat with fellow A2 Team Member Steve Sherwood for a bit & seeing him catch a couple, I decided to fish the following day. Setting up in a swim on the A2 Bank of the lake for a overnight session, most of my fishing has become overnights and then leaving the lake around 7am and heading straight to work. This session resulted in a single bite, which turned out to be a certain fish i was talking with Steve about wanting to catch just the day earlier. The fish was a Common of 20lb 8oz, not a massive fish but this particular one is coloured different to the usual dark, moody Dartford Commons, this one had a red tint to it, a pretty fish and one to tick off the wanted list. I returned to the same swim, the following week, 7th August, this time for a longer 24hr trip. Fishing a couple of spots I’ve caught consistently from, confidence was high. 4 fish were landed, all commons, the heaviest of the quartet weighing 19lb 4oz. Mark Sherwood in the swim next door banking one of 22lb during the night too. No midweek trips were fitted in during the next week, so returning on the Sunday evening, again for an overnighter, I jumped in a swim in the comp lake and that night landed two Mirrors, one small one and one mid double. Working close to the lake, means i can walk it most lunchtimes and during a walk around on the Monday lunchtime and seeing fish in a different area than i was fishing the night previous i decided to sneak another overnight trip in. Mondays trip resulted in 2 bites, 2 commons, 19lb 6oz and a nice one of 25lb 2oz. A worthwhile 12 hours. Two trips in between work certainly take its toll when your catching and sleep is interrupted, the fishing bug did manage to pull me back to the lake though, and i done two more overnights on the Thursday 18th and Friday 19th. These two sessions produced 3 bites, one small Common, the Stocky two toned Common of 20lb 2oz and ‘The Carrot’ at 21lb 6oz. The Carrot is a proper Dartford character, its deformed tail, resembling the shape of a Carrot, fights well too that one, and another ticked off. A couple more short overnight sessions completed this month on Dartford, more fish were caught but no real sizes of note, mostly being mid doubles, A trip with Craig Outram on the 21st saw him land a nice one in the early hours at 21lb 10oz. So in total, I’d had 15 fish with 4 over the 20lb mark, all coming to Banoffee and Creamy Toffee pop ups over beds of free offerings.

Onto to September…..

Mr Buckley has been out

After a run of six weeks fishing nearly ever morning without a bite a slight change of rigs and baiting started to produce a few bites. First bite came on the Friday evening I spent a good two hours walking around in the rain and found a lot of fish held up in the pads swim, two CT hardhookers where put on spots i have caught off of earlier in the season with a kilo of soft CT over the top, at 20.00 it pulled up tight and after a short battle the line parted (gutted was a understatement) next morning a mate of mine matt phoned and said a lot of fish where turning up in the lawn swim and he had to go so out of bed and down the pond I went, sure enough there was loads there and I had to wait 40 mins before I get a bait on the spot, half hour later it was away after a short battle Harry tindal slipped the net under the up front common for me a 37.8.
The following evening after spending a few hours walking about I found them in the point tactics being the same CT hard hookers and soft CT over the top within a hour I was in again this just being a 20 pound stocky which the boss mr Outram netted for me. The next fish was the baby brown one I really wanted again falling to a spot in the lawn over a shed load of CT

Sid Claudel Has Been Out

I was planning to go to France for a family hoilday when my dad said you can take your rods I was buzzing, from just taking my rods it turned into me taking everything and having a tiny bit of space to travel in . I arrived at the lake on a Saturday and was just fishing next to my French friend I wasn’t confident, didn’t want to be there I did one night and then decided the lake had to many anglers for me so I went home and came back 2 days later for a 3 day session all 4 rods was on silt my first bite was that night only a 15 lb fish but happy to be of the mark in such a large lake the rest of the night was quiet until I woke and noticed my line crossed I knew it was a fish and my alarm had ran out of battery!!! Reeled in and a very tired fish was still on the end there was a massive snag infront of me and I knew I would lose a few fish which that resulted on one of them I was gutted and then 1 hour later my left hand rod absolutely ripped off it was in for about 10 minutes until it came close to that snag and off it went 2 fish to be lost was gutting and a massive change to all my rigs and even my swim which I need to play my fish with the rod tip as high as possible and my leads needed to be dropped . The next evening was uneventful until the morning which I knew are always bite time when my rig adjustment had work with a nice 33lb white tipped common I knew the afternoon was uneventful so just spodding all afternoon approx 60 spods over each rod a huge bed of a2 baits particle bookie pellet and glug later that evening I had a run, it was a massive sturgon which due to Korda hooks had bent and snapped and then a repeated with 2 fish snapping my hooks so I had one of my last yard hooks and knew that will not let me down so I then tied my rigs and got one rod out with my last yard hook another uneventful night until that morning 5 o’clock were I had a take playing it well until it came to the net I knew what fish it was and usely comes out at 50lb I was shaking all of a sudden a lead came flying out the water and hits me in the head gutted was an understatement I was so upset so went back to bed with my head low until 7am when my right middle rod was off a 15 minute battle began I played it so carefully and even went to a high platform to get the fish out the snags I saw the fish at the net and i originally thought it was the lake record common at 64 but then saw it and knew it wasn’t that size it was a 48 lb common so I was on the phone to my friends and dad and told them they need to come down for pictures was a great 3 day trip even though losing a lot of fish

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Mr Leamy Has Been Out

Had one of those red letter sessions recently landing 5 fish all over the 20lb mark.
A change of tactic was in order. The weed growth of late has been pretty severe , I found a clear spot amongst the Canadian and put all 3 rods on the spot. I opted for 360 rigs with 14mm match the hatch ct pop ups to avoid any debris that might be on the bottom.
I baited the area with 2kg of 16mm ct.
The following morning just before first light the account was opened with a 25.08 mirror.
This was soon followed up by a 22.04 linear.
I topped up the spot with another 1/2 kg of ct & within 1 hour a lovely two tone mirror of 24.12 was on the mat.
Closely followed by a mirror of 28lb this fish must be addicted to the creamy toffee its the 3rd time I’ve landed it In 3 months.
After a hectic morning things started to slow down as the sun got up and the temperatures rose.
I did notice a few fish showing on the other side of the lake so I wound in and went for a wander.
I found a few fish that looked up for some grub at close range. Lowered a rig in position and before I could put the rod down it was away. After a spirited battle the 5th & final fish of the session was sulking in the net, a lovely mirror of 21.12

The creamy toffee just keeps on producing the goods!

Junior Team member Jake banks

I did a 24 hour session down Horton Kirby getting there just before dark had a quick walk round and didn’t see much apart from a few fish in a snag so i set up. I put out 2 kilo of chops fruity fish and bannoffe on the edge of the snag. The night was quite but at 5:30am i had a 19 pound mirror on the fruity fish about 30 yards out which I put about 40 baits around. Half hour later my other rod went which took me straight into the snag and cut me off so I got the rod back on the spot , then within an hour I had a 14 pound common on bannoffe bottom bait with a ct topper i topped up the spot with some more chops and then I had a 12 pound common.

Brian Leamy Has Been Out Again

With the kids packed off to the grandparents for the night, I convinced the other half to come fishing. To be fair she didn’t need much convincing, she loves it almost as much as me. We got to the venue quite late in the day. After a quick walk around we chose our swim where we had seen a few fish mooching around amongst the weed. All 3 rods went out on my favourite fluid blowback rig with a wide gape hook all from the last yard tackle. Bait choice as always….14mm yellow ct wafter and a small mesh bag of the nut stick mix. A couple handfuls of 16mm ct over each rod and we were set for the night. Just before dark the left hand rod tore off, unfortunately the fish made it into a weedbed and came off due to a hook pull. The night was uneventful. But as always first light produced the goods as I slipped the net under a dark mirror which pushed the needle round to 19.08 It was then jemma’s turn to get in on the action as this lively common punched well above it’s weight. After playing it like a pro a 17lb bar of gold was the reward. Things then went quiet for a good few hours. As we were thinking of calling it a day, the middle rod ripped off. This rod was fished at range and instantly I thought It felt a better fish. Turned out to be one angry mirror of 23.04 And the last bit of action of the session.

David Buckley Has Been Out On The Bank

Went down tricklebrook for a couple of days floater fishing with a mate from work on arriving we went down to the far end, into the shallows stuck three bottom baits out for the evening as was tired and needed a good nights kip within ten mins I had my first fish a 23.8 mirror falling to a CT 70/30 white over a kilo of soft CT two hours later number two was in the net a 22 mirror falling to same bait. I had one more during darkness about 15Lb but new fished had moved back to the dam end so I packed up and set up around five in morning to move up to the second swim with a shallow bar in front. I started spoding mixers on top of bar just sat and watched then drift on the south westerly wind as the reach three quarters of way across I saw one take then another so I packed up again and moved round other side of pond. As I sat in the third swim it became apparent that the fish had followed mixers down and where now smashing em I carried on spoding up wind for twenty mins before making my first cast, within ten mins I hooked my first fish a 32.4 leather this was followed by a 28,25,25,25,23,22,22,21,19,17,15 my mate also had a 19,19,21,22,23, all fish where hooked on trimmed down CT pop ups over 20kg mixers glugged in banofee dip to create the slick fish were all hooked on the last yard size 8 offset curves.

Stephen wardens been out to france

Some of the fish i had last week at les quis the best ones was 37 45 47 48 and 56 all on the a2 baits and mum special hook bait..big thanks to Craig Outram for rolling the best bait around..and a big thanks to bob and scouse for looking after us all so well… and to the lads Mark Parker Craig Addison Stuart Holman for making it one to remember roll on next year #A2 baits

Rob and Simon fish the UK Carp Championships – Darenth Big Lake – Semi Final

A2 Baits

Rob and Simon fish the UK Carp Championships – Darenth Big Lake – Semi Final

I would like to take you through the weekend of the 28th-30th of July and how Simon and I came across A2 Baits and the results.

After lots of persuading from Simon, we entered the UK Carp Championships this year. Our aim was to see how far we can get and we are both truly grateful and if not amazed that we are in the final on our first year of competing.

Information Gathering & Match Prep

We have had help from a friend of ours along the way via Facebook messenger as he has a lot of experience and also knows a lot of other carp fisherman. He gave us lots of tips when we fished Brasenose 2 to qualify but did not know about Darenth. However he knew someone who did! His name is Chris and the first and best tip was get on the A2. He suggested that we purchase either Banoffee or Creamy toffee. We purchased both in 14mm and 18mm together with 70/30 wafters, Banoffee wafters and Creamy Toffee pop ups. We ordered 20KG in total. This is something we had never done before. Never had we purchased a large amount of bait without even looking, smelling or in Simons case tasting them.

The morning of the match

We arrived at the lake at 07:00 and had a good look round. We had paper maps that we wrote our choice of pegs on, one through to eleven. We chose number seven which were two pegs called Slope and Stump. We chose it for a number of reasons; We decided that it was a very easy casting distance, we saw a couple of fish crash out and just generally had a good feeling about it.

We came out 8th in the draw and to our amazement our number one choice was still available. The other anglers opted for pegs further down in the open water spot as fish were showing and the wind was blowing down that way. However we had a good feeling about peg seven. I opted for Slope and Simon for Stump.

We set up and were allowed to start putting bait out and marking at 11am with rods out at noon. I found a spot on the island and a spot to my right hand margin (indicated below). Simon found two spots on the island. I put quite a bit of bait out – about a kilo on each spot which included a mixture of all the boilie flavours and sizes. When I spoke with Chris he told me I had out too much out …. ooops. Never the less noon came and the rods went out on to the spots. The island spot had a 70/30 Creamy Toffee white wafter and a stick mix bag which was made from A2 boilies and some groundbait. The margin spot had a snowman set up 18mm Banoffee bottom bait and a Creamy toffee pop up with a stick mix bag.

The first fish of the match

Simon came over to my peg for a chat and a cuppa at about 14:30 this is after he had landed 3 bream & changed his gap between his hook and bait to an inch. After it was made we sat on the peg wall Simon was sat on the left looking over my rods and I was on the right behind my bivvy. At about 15:00 Simon out of nowhere started shouting ‘Your Rod Your Rod’ as he ran over to it and struck into a fish. Muggings here had forgot to turn the bite alarm on #Schoolboyerror. Simon passed the rod to me and grabbed the net. The fish that was caught from the island spot came in with no problems although it was a feisty one. It weighed in at 30lb 10oz. This was a great start, we knew that only a few fish were needed to qualify so we were buzzing.


Into the first night

Not much happened during the rest of the day but with a belly full of rustlers burgers and enough tea to sink the Titanic we decided to call it a night as it got dark. The next thing I know my alarm screamed into life at 3am. I flung myself out of bed and struck into a fish. In the commotion I forgot to put my shoes on and when I reached for my head torch (usually round my neck) it had vanished. Only to be found later about 4 meters behind my bivvy. It didn’t take long until the fight was over and the fish was in our net. I turned around to grab my phone in the bivvy and wacked my toes on the fully stabilised back bank stick and was nearly passed out with the pain. I made the phone call and it weighed in at 25lb 9oz – Common with a slight tinge of a Ghost.


The third fish

The third fish came at 15:30 on the Saturday afternoon. I was having a nice nap in my bivvy when I heard an excided Simon shouting at me…. ‘Rob I got one on…. Rob RRRROOOOOBBBBB’. I jumped up and whizzed round to Simons peg and grabbed the net. Unfortunately at this point the fish had swam into the snag on Simons right hand side. We thought it was really snagged however when it came up to the surface we realised that it was not caught on anything and it was just sitting there. We held it there and tried to free it from the bank but it was just was not moving. After about 15 minutes it kicked, freed itself from the branch and Simon aimed it at the awaiting net. In it went. We were both buzzing once more with the fish weighing 30lb 3oz caught on a snowman with a Banoffee bottom and a Creamy toffee pop up. We both agreed that whatever happened a 30lb carp each was very special and if we didn’t qualify then never mind as it had been a great weekends fishing so far. The photo was great as well with Simon looking like Blakey from on the busses.

The one that got away

Unfortunately we had no more bites that afternoon or night. At first light Simon had a run. It took him straight into the snag and bumped the hook out. I wasn’t awake at this point but I could imagine he woke a few people up with some colourful language. When I arose from my slumber at about 6:30 I made a cuppa and took him some hot water. He looked like someone had pushed him in and nicked all of his gear. He was not a happy bunny. Topped with finding out someone had landed a 40lb mirror during the night it took him a long time to calm down. By mid morning we had worn a hole in the bank pacing and wondering if anyone else had caught up with us. At 10:30 I went for a chill out in the bivvy and tried to imagine us lifting the trophy (maybe just maybe!)

The final fish

The final fish came at 11:15 with a half baked run. It came straight out of the snag and stopped dead with its tail up in the air. It would not budge. I had the fish on for about 15 minutes walking up and down the bank. After a while I tightened up on it, in one last attempt to free it when out it came. It swam straight towards the snag on the left hand side of my peg, but with some gentle persuading it came out and went into the net just in the nick of time. As soon as it was weighed (25lb 14oz) the hooter went and we finished in first place. This fish was also caught at the beginning of the match by the gents who ended up second. It had put on 2oz. Obviously enjoying eating A2 baits.

After using A2 baits I must say that the quality is great and price is fantastic value for money. We will be using A2 again and will certainly be taking a few kilos to the final at Farlows lake. The customer service was excellent with a quick response, The bait was delivered on time and when promised. I will be recommending this company to others and I will be using the bait from now on at my syndicate lake.

Many Thanks

Rob Jones & Simon Perry

Fred Cox Returns From Fance A Happy Customer

To A2 baits
Just come back from a recent trip to meadows lake in France down near Limoges
Landed 9 fish
These are the best of the bunch
2 x mirrors at 40lb
1 x common at 35lb
1 x mirror at 33lb
1x mirror at 30lb
Also not in the pictures 2x 25lb
Lost a few near the net
I am a second time user
All fish were caught using banoffee wafters over ct bottom baits
Came across your bait earlier in the year at create lakes
Purchased some on the Friday before leaving 10pm that evening using creamy toffee 50lb 4oz mirror in the net
Love the bait
Keep up the good work ( excellent)
Kind regards
Fred cox

Freds 50lb 4oz’s

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Rob dunks Report

Firstly before I start writing this blog, I obviously want to thank everyone involved with A2 Baits for considering and offering me a place on the Team, Since I began my foray into Carp Angling I’ve always put a huge part of my reason for catching down to the quality of bait. I believe confidence in bait to be paramount, and using A2 gives me that. During a recent phone conversation with Lee Slater after joining, he put the idea across to me about doing a monthly diary for the website about my hours spent on the bank, this is something that may/will probably be done in the future, but for now, a write up about how and why I switched my Angling obsession from Sea Angling to Carp and to where I am now seems a better place to start. I began fishing somewhere around 12/13 years of age, living in Medway, the Medway Estuary was on my doorstep, literally I knew nothing about fishing or the River, putting hours in blanking during the School Summer holidays, eventually my limited knowledge slowly grew and occasional Eels and Flounders were caught. Roll on a few years and I was pleasure fishing the Estuary huge amounts, catching a variety of species, Bass, Mullet, Whiting, Codling etc. I began fishing more and more, my favourite trips were always travelling to West Sussex regularly to target Smoothounds from the beach during the late spring and through the summer, eventually, joining local Clubs, helping run the Medway Rollers Sea Angling Club, fishing both Club Competitions and National Opens regularly, I was obsessed. My best moments being coming in the Top 10 of the 2003 SAMF Masters in Liverpool, being promoted to the Premier League in the Penn Sea League & when I won the Kent Classic Open from a field of 400 Anglers on the Isle of Sheppey in 2010. Right, before I bore everyone, moving swiftly on, how and why I moved into Carp Angling. I changed jobs in 2015, moving to a company in South Darenth, whom then moved to a premises in Dartford, Kent. Right next to my new place of work was ‘Brooklands Lakes’ a quick google search with tell you this place has a huge history in Carp fishing, Approx 17 acres in size, DDAPS who run the water describe it on their website as ‘one of the early pioneering waters of modern carp fishing’. It wasn’t until about the spring of 2015 that I began walking the lake, this coincided with the time of year the fish begin to congregate at the Bridge area, so I was able to see with my own eyes the fish that inhabited this Lake. Seeing fish, some of which could well have been the Lakes prize assets which go into high 30’s had me thinking ‘I need to have a try at this’ So about a month later my Carp Angling began. This is when I first spoke with Craig, I knew as with the Sea Angling, bait is something that simply has to be what the fish want and I’d started to see endless reports of fish landed on A2 Baits. To start with it felt odd, basically starting all over again, I had to learn what I was doing, learn the methods, learn the rigs, try and learn about the lake, to be honest, it seemed daunting. This included one trip to A&E with a baiting needle snapping off inside my finger at 4am after rebaiting with bleary eyes due to a Tench! Carp did begin to be caught though, starting off on the ‘Baldwins’ side of the lake, this side has a large number of smaller fish in, so was ideal to learn. Carp to around the 10lb mark became regular, including one Common that went 19lb 6oz that I was particularly happy with as a ‘newbie’. Roll on approx 2 years and Carp Angling has become the only type of fishing that I do, spending many hours on the bank, weekends, midweek, short sessions, 48hr sessions, or even just walking it almost daily. To be honest it’s taken me about two years to feel like a Carp Angler, catches have improved steadily, and my PB has constantly been improving. It was one catch in particular tho that left me buzzing, in May this year, I was lucky enough to push my landing net under the largest fish in the Lake, A2 Banoffee doing its thing, ‘The Water Common’, which pulled the scales around to 38lb 6oz. This fish in all truth has only stoked the fire for me, Dartford has so many stunning fish, not just size wise either, that I wish to have my photograph alongside that I now spend so many hours on the bank and I’m enjoying every single one of them, meeting new people, making new friends, sharing laughs, I can’t wait to see what makes my bite alarm scream off next. Thanks for reading.

Team Member Brian Leamy’s Been Out Again

Arrived at the lake early evening. After a quick mooch around with not much to go On, I settled in a swim with access to a lot of water. Being the only one on the lake I decided to spread the rods out. All 3 rods went out with the ever faithful yellow 14mm ct wafters and a small mesh bag of nut stickmix. I put around 100 16mm ct boilies over each spot with the throwing stick. After 1 hour I had a take on the middle rod, which was fished tight to an island at 60 yards. A quick bite and a belting mirror in the net at 29.04 I was made up. With the fish slipped back things went a little quiet, I decided to stay awake for a while to watch the meteor shower. At around 1am I received 2 beeps on the right hand rod, which was being fished into a deep margin to my right. It’s also a spot renowned for picking up the bigger fish. I watched as the indicator slowly dropped back down and again started tightening up again. I immediately thought tench as I picked up the rod and bent into it I soon realised this was no tench, big head shakes as it plodded around in the deep water hugging the bottom. After an incredible battle the fish was in the landing net. A awesome mirror carp weighing 40.02

At first light I was woken by a absolute one toner and a cracking common of 22.04 was the prize. It was an incredible sunrise to say the least and was well worth watching although the lack of sleep. My session was then topped off as I was packing up at 10am the left hand rod decided to get in on the action and another stunning mirror of 21.06 was mine. Another incredible session and one I will never forget. The creamy toffee strikes again!!!

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Levi Jeffery & Cameron had session on Mousehole Lakes

Cameron and I was fishing a session on Mousehole Lakes over the weekend. When I arrived, the swims I had in mind was not available. The bailiff asked if I would like to fish the disabled swim, which is the first swim you come to. I was quick to say yes i got my gear and started to set up. I chose 3 spots and put out 2kg of FF mix along with 10 – 15 CT and banoffee freebies on each spot. About an hour later my middle rod kicked into life and I was into a decent fish, Cameron landed and we put in the cradle we realised how beautiful this fish was. A 21lb fully scaled ghostie and it was the first time it had seen the bank. With it being so special we had the pleasure of giving it a name, so we came up with the name Casper. When putting it back it took a while for it to recover but it was soon back to normal and swam off. Rod back out. Some more SS mix was put out along with the freebies. A few hours later my left hand rod ripped off and I soon had a long 18lb 13oz common. Again the rod was back out along with the bait and at midnight I was awoken to the right hand rod going. After playing it for about 30 minutes a 21lb common graced my net. I went and woke Cameron up to take the pictures. Unfortunately nothing else came out that day due to the extreme heat.

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Team member Rob Dunk

Team member Rob Dunk has managed to get out and do two overnight sessions on Dartford inbetween work. Sunday night resulting in two Mirrors, biggest being 17lb, but the self take pics were not great, then last night from a different swim, He had two nice Commons, 19lb 6oz and 25lb 2oz, all 4 fish over the two nights taking A2 Baits food source Pop Ups fished over a few kg of freebies.

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