Jamie Taylor- Card

What a great years fishing!!

14×50′ s
36×40’s plus all the others in there through out the Year. Didn’t get to do as much fishing as I’d like but the birth of my beautiful little Mia was worth it !!! Happy New year to all roll on 2018🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Ben Hofener & Emma Taylors specail report

Emma Taylors 2nd time fishing and after her mum losing her long battle to the dreaded cancer i found it fitting that she could put her faith in Mums Specials due to the connecting stories with Craig Outram…fishing the mums special on a blowback rig amongst a good scattering of 18mm banofee saw a 5.30am wake up call….a steady take and a good 8 to 10min scrap saw this 20lb 10oz over the net cord….Emmas mum really was with her as had a knot slip as i lifted the landing net…welcome to the 20lber club and im pretty sure im not allowed to touch the mums specials now 😂

John Danzey Is Back From Jurassica Main Lake

We was back on Jurassica main lake for the 3rd time having previously struggled on there, me and my fishing buddy came out last in the draw AGAIN lol after picking all our swims I decided to change my choice after finding out how the previous weeks anglers got on, fishing swim 5 to an island reed line I had plenty of options to choose from, 2 obvious choices were each side of a rod length size gap in the reeds I then spread the other 2 rods along the reeds @ 80yrds, I set about prepping the Bait for the week which comprised of using the lake particle and pellet and crushed boilies (good old Ridgemonkey boilie crusher) and whole boilies partnered with 18mm Banoffee wafters as hookbaits, the 1st evening was quiet but I lost a fish in the early hours due to a hook pull under the rod tip (gutted), all was quiet until the Sunday morning, I was slowly trying to unlock the swim trying to find out what they wanted and where they wanted the bait to be, on the Sunday after breakfast I reset the rods and shortly after plac8ng a bait to the right of the gap in the reeds I had a few beeps and noticed the line picking up (I was fishing locked up as I didn’t want the fish to get through the gap) I struck into a hard fighting heavy fish, I managed to land the fish a cracking 42-2 mirror, so I thought I’ll take that as a blank saver lol. I managed to have another 4 fish on the Sunday, feeling well chuffed with things I decided put another rod in the middle of the gap, that was a big mistake I didn’t have another bite for 36hrs. I decided to make a few changes on the Tuesday morning I changed all my spools over to fluoro and flying back leads to pin at least the last 10yrds to the deck, this paid off with me having 5 fish on the Tuesday night including 3 40’s at one point I had trouble keeping 2 rods in the water, I was only getting bites from 2 spots so decided to only fish with 2 rods in that area, I fished 1 other rod down to my right margin towards a big willow ( I did pick up a fish from there 25lb grass carp), I think I’d got the measure of the swim, the fish wanted fresh Bait, I got bites within minutes of the Bait boat dropping the hopper I was only putting a scoop of the particle/boilie mix and a scoop of pellet in the hopper, on the Wednesday night I decided to redo the rods around midnight as I hadn’t had a bite for a few hours, I didn’t sit down for the next 4 hours it was carnage in my swim, with me trying to land fish whilst other rods were going or trying to prep Bait whilst rods were going off, so the trend continued during the day on Thursday with me picking up a few fish during day, come Thursday night I thought I’m not going to wait until midnight to redo the rods I did them at 10pm instead and yes I didn’t sit down again until 2am, we went to look at another lake that the owner had recently brought so it gave me a chance to rest the swim for a few hours, after getting the rods back out around 2pm I managed another 4 fish before dinner at 5.30. I was on 29 fish, my equal best for a week in France, the nerves set in thinking I’m not going to get past the 30 barrier, it got to 9pm and I hadn’t had a bite, I redid the rods again and soon after I landed my 30th fish, so it was officially my best weeks fishing in France, I managed 2 more that night and ended the week as top rod with 32 fish, I had 7 40’s to 44-6 12 30’s with the rest being 20’s and a few doubles, all fish falling to A2 baits 18mm Banoffee wafters on a German rig


John Danzey

Matthew Colegate Returns From France

This was my first time in France and being a 40 acre plus lake I was a little nervous at first, there was 8 of us so we had a draw for swims, originally I wanted to go the other side of the lake as that’s where all the fish seemed to be at the time as they were fishing and boshing everywhere, but unfortunately I come last out of the draw and ended up in the swim that my mate actually wanted so wasn’t to bad. He chose to fish to the island and I went into a shallow bay to the left of him. Was a very cold and slow start to the week as the air temperature was around 6-7 degrees which for September is shocking, but it is what it is… I had a few fish upto Wednesday including a Pb 55lb 4oz common which before hand I’d only ever caught carp upto 38lb so was overwhelmed by it. The sun came out Thursday and the fish moved into my swim, I lost 6 in a row to a snag that wasn’t there the start of the week, wether it was a floating weed bed or a big cat trailing something I don’t know but that really did bring the mood down as they finally moved in and I couldn’t land one. They say the lows make you appreciate the highs and that certainly was to be the case on Friday as I ended up landing every fish I hooked bar one. The first fish on Friday was another 50lb common that went 50lb 12oz, after that they just followed and I had a number of high 30’s and a 40. I would of been happy with that ending but at 12:30 Saturday morning my middle rod screamed off on a spot that I had baited all week
And only taken a handful of fish off (I lost a big cat Friday morning which almost spooled me from that spot.) I lifted into the rod and right from the start I knew it was a big cat, it didn’t really go on any massive runs, it would just take line, I’d get it back and that was to be the case for the best part of an hour, how it didnt snag me I don’t know…. after the hectic battle it’s head finally came up and my fishing buddy was still asleep even after me shouting his name for most of the fight😂😂. I only had a 42″ net but luckily the sonic sks nets are very deep so I scooped the head in, dropped the rod and wrestled it into the net which I still don’t know how it went it but it did. We lifted it to the scales and we both knew it had to be a 100+ cat. The scales went round to 118lb 12oz and I couldn’t believe it. What a way to end the week. I went to France for a 40lb + carp and a big cat and and achieved both so I’m one happy angler. The first half of the week I was using the washed out yellow banoffee wafters in 14mm and from Thursday onwards I used 14mm mums/ct wafters which I believe were a one off batch so I’m glad I got a pot when I did. All the vids on this lake on YouTube etc shows the anglers using big baits like double 15mm boileys etc so from the start I thought I’d try and be a little different and it clearly worked. I fished the wafters over a mix that consisted of chilli hemp, sweetcorn, 16mm fruity fish and 18mm creamy toffee’s which I crumbed up and put in whole. Here’s a few of the fish I had over the week. 🎣🎣

Martin Forde been out

After finally getting out last Friday,after about six weeks away I managed to get back down the syndicate. I chose to jump back in where i left off really as I knew my spots.couple of friends were due to come so it would be a nice catch up.After the first night with not even a liner my mate Iain said he saw alot opposite him in the morning. So away went all the gear and over I went,Cheers mate.same tactics really match the hatch pop up over about 1kg of bonoffee and ct ,can’t go wrong with that.also fished on my favourite Ronnie rig.as I was setting up Iain was in,Nice little stocky fully scaled. Next morning another friend who turned up Saturday had a lovely 22lb common.so I was starting to panic at this point as I was not looking forward to the ribbing I was gonna get from them two lol.not to worry though as my left hand rod fished over 1kg of fruity fish went into melt down,resulting in this old warrior of a fish 27.2lb.really Happy with that 😁

Team Member Rob Dunk

I’ve managed to get a few hours in the last few days on Dartford, having a day off work Friday I done a 36hr session, followed by two quick 12hr overnighters Sun & Mon nights. Catching on all trips, fishing Banoffee Pop-Ups over large beds of Banoffee & CT freebies. 10 bites, 9 fish landed, including two nice ones of 29lb 4oz and 24lb 2oz.

Junior Member Jake Banks

I did a 24 hour session on viaduct. I walked round and see a lot of fish down one end of the lake. I was fishing one rod to a far Margin with a ct snowman rig, I put out 1kg of ct and Bannoffe chops in the morning. My other rod was 30 yards out I put half a kilo of 18 mm fruity fish with a snowman rig the day was slow. I topped up the margin spot with another kilo of chops just before dark. At 1 am i woke up and heard a lot of fish crashing over the far margin spot,so I moved my midwater rod over there half hour later I had a 36 common as I netted it the rod I had just moved went off but I lost it at the net .

Part owner/ consultant Jamie Taylor-Card has sent in his catch report from last week !!!

Part owner/ consultant Jamie Taylor-Card has sent in his catch report from last week !!!

Well I managed to finish work early on Friday, so it gave me a good chance to have a walk around my syndicate. 
After an hour or so hasn’t really seen many fish showing, so I had too used my water craft and instinct instead to find the fish !!

The swim I decided to fish is called the rats , I’ve fished this swim a couple of times so had good knowledge of where to put my rods!!! After a brief chat with one of the bailiffs he told me the swim hasn’t really done much lately, so that made me more determined to have a few!!!

After getting all the rods wrapped and clipped up they where soon in the water !! I decided to only put a small amount of bait in from the start just to see if I could knick a quick bite!! I was feeding CT and Banoffee a mixture I really use on most of my fishing, as I have 100% confidence in these baits!!!

Hookbait wise I opted for the washed yellow and pink wafters in the banoffee range 18mm . But just to give me a little edge I decided to trim the water down a bit to look like a old chop on the bottom !! ( as shown in tbe pic below ) And boy did it work within 20 mins had my first carp on the bank a lovely hard fishing 22lber !! I unhooked the fish got the rod on the spot with another scattering of 18mm baits around it !!!

Unfortunately as I was on my own and photographing the carp the same rod melted of again, but by the time I’d got the carp back in the sling and to the water safely I’d lost it as I was fishing very close to snags!!!

The session just went on from there really kept feeding little an often which resulted in 5 beautiful carp up too 25lb !!!



Junior Team Member Harry Lutwyche Has Been Out

Today I went down to ddaps Bennets lake knowing it had been tough because only 1 other fish had come out of the whole lake the weekend so I walked round the lake and saw no signs of any fish so I went to a swim I have caught from before and cast out both rods out on 16mm ff white pop ups Fed over 3kg of partical and chopped CT tight to an overhanging tree at 2:30 my alarm when into melt down and my rod nearly got pulled out the rest I struck into it and I could tell it was a decent fish because it didn’t go on massive runs stripping line it just plodded about then I netted it and looked and I saw this huge mirror it tipped the scales at 23,1 my biggest from Bennets yet get in there.

John Danzey Had Another Great Trip Out Over The Weekend

I was lucky enough to be given the green light to go fishing this weekend after only coming back from from a week in France the previous weekend, I turned up on Darenth Big lake around 1pm after having a little walk round it was clear that I couldn’t get in the area I wanted as it was already busy, I elected to fish a swim called the Bum and fishing to an island hoping that a few fish would be present, apart from a few drop backs which I think were due to bream activity it was quiet, come morning I’d heard that a few guys were moving off the lake so after another walk round I’d managed to save a swim that had done a few fish, so it was back to my swim for a bacon sandwich and a slow pack down as the guys weren’t leaving until midday. After getting myself settled into my new swim called Highbanks I’d sorted my spots for the remaining 24hrs, I got my Bait sorted which was crushed Banoffee boilies and pellet with 18mm 70/30 wafter as hookbaits, one spots was over a bar at around 50yrds the 2nd was to an over hanging tree to the far island  at around 100yrds the 3rd was open water at 80yrds and the 4th was also open water to showing fish, about an hour after getting the rods sorted I get a massive drop back on the 2nd rod thinking it was a bream I wound down onto the fish and to my surprise I got the satisfying thump of a carp, after a bit of hassle getting the fish over the bar I landed a cracking 26-12 mirror, well happy with that to save a blank I put the rod back on the spot with a bit more boilie/pellet mix, I was getting liners on a couple of rods then about 2hrs after the 1st fish I got another drop back on the 2nd rod quickly winding down on the fish I got the satisfying thump of another carp after playing this one over the bar it chugged around under the rod tip for 10mins, finally landing the fish I could tell it was possibly my 1st uk 30lb common, after weighing the fish it went 35-12 not only my 1st uk 30lb common it was a new pb for. So I was buzzing getting the rod back out and I couldn’t believe the session I was having, the move definitely paid off, around 10.30pm I get a savage take from my 4th rod that I’d out to showing fish, after playing knit one pearl one with the other rod I landed a big chunky mirror which went 37-10 so I’d broken my pb twice in one day to say I was shell shocked was an understatement I was buzzing, so this being only my 3rd weekends fishing using A2 baits I’ve now landed 10 carp including 5 30’s

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Team Member Chris Wake Been Out Again

Having got to my syndicate on a Friday morning I walked the lake looking for a swim and found one of my favourite swims free, the weekend before I lost 3 fish from the snags in this swim and was happy enough to try again, the first 2 days were uneventful and I considered a move to another swim, as I was having a slow pack up my right hand rod ripped off resulting in a 24lb mirror, having then deciding to stick it out for the last night I replaced my left and middle rods short of an island on a small gravel patch baiting up with creamy toffee Wafters and a ct and banoffee chop mix, that night my middle rod rewarded me with a 41lb mirror that I recognised as a PB I had in February at 44.4, having replaced the rod and settled down for the night I had another run on the same rod just on daybreak rewarding me yet again this time with a new PB a nice 46.8 mirror, nothing more ensued that morning and my time had run out for that sess, I left a very happy angler

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Uk 50 for team member Jamie Sykes

Just got home after another dream session, now breaking my pb twice in as many months. I arrived at holm fen on the monday morning and after drawing out second to last i opted for a peg called party point single as this was a good social peg and on the end of a good north westery breeze which actually felt quite warm. To the right of the swim was a bay which was not being fished so i thought it would be criminal not to have a sneaky rod in there as the wind was still blowing hard with mini waves lapping the end bay bank . With a little plumb around with the marker i found a great spot with 12 ft of depth and a hard clear bottom , with the lead going down with a crack every time.With a short walk round to the bay and a baiting spoon i soon had 3 kg of A2 baits creamey toffee spread over a good area not to tight. I chose to fish a mums special popup over the top mounted on a ronnie rig , using the ever faithful J Precision size 6 long curve on a semi stiff boom of around 12 inches . With all traps set i began to relax and a nice bbq with friends and a few light ales was a great way to unwind , whilst socialising i heard a splash coming from the bay so walked over and could only see a large ring of ripples, i stood there for a further 5 mins ,to my amazement i had a fish head and shoulders right on the spot , only a small fish but confidence was high and with darkness upon us it was time to get some kip. Early morning two bleeps on the nevs and i was straight out of the bivvy in front of my rods , shone my head torch to the rod tips and the bay rods was bent nearky 90 degrees as id set the clutch tight as the bay disappeares behind the back of me . A very slow heavy fight was on , the only way to describe the battle was that of a huge pig on the end that didnt want to see the net, there were times when it burried its head in the weed but with good tension it finally came to the net , great but once its at the net i struggled to get the bloody thing in it due to size and beast like shape , with me now in the water at thus point i changed the angle of the net and with one last scoop she was in , my goodness with the clear water and my head torch shining down on my catch it looked enormous certainly knew my uk pb was smashed. With a little more composure and the aid of my friend we zeroed the scales and the two man job of the weigh in finally settled just 2 oz over 50lb ! Result , job done.

Team Member David Matthews Returns From Crete

Crete trip Sept 2017 well the long anticipation of our week to crete lakes in France was finally here. we was all excited for the draw and was hoping for a better result then last year’s (last) but with my track record in draws I think we all knew deep down what was going to happen, yes we came out last for the 2nd year in a row lol This did dishearten our group a bit but we all got on with it and tried to make good out of the bad situation. I choose to go into peg 61 on lake 5 as it holds alot of water which no one else can fish. I found some clear spots as it was very weedy and the water level was extremely low. I put out 25kg of crumb of A2 Baits CT and Banoffee over 3 rods and thought let’s see how tonight goes. i was of to a good start as managed to land some fish but also lost some on my right rod as the fish just kept weeding me up. I stayed in this swim for 1 more night but I just didn’t feel comfortable or feel I was fishing at my best as I was losing as much as I was landing. i managed to land 7 carp up to 52lb on mums special pop ups and 70/30 yellow banoffee, but I decided I was going to have a move. I moved onto lake 2 peg 16. I was happy with the 52lb from lake 5 so thought I would try my luck at some real stunner’s that lake 2 holds. I fished it the same way as I did lake 5 but put more crumb and CT and Banoffee boilies in as I knew the anglers on this lake had already got there spots and had a couple of fish so I thought if I can get them feeding near me I need to hold them there. With my first night coming in on this lake the waiting game began. By the next morning I had landed 6 carp, I was over the moon as the bailiffs had already said to me that a good week on this lake is 6 fish which I managed to do in my first night. I carried on with my baiting technique, feeding heavily in the morning and resting the swim in the day then feeding again heavily before dinner then fishing my spots after dinner. This turned out to be a great tactic which got me a new lake record and new complex record, banking 9 50s up to 58lb 6oz and reaching over 1500lb in total weight out of 30+ fish over the rest of the week and being top rod. All my fish fell to A2 Baits. In total I used approximately 70kg of mixed CT and Banoffee boilies. some full some chopped and some crumb, fished with Mums special pop ups, 70/30 Banoffee and CT wafters over the top. A massive thank you to all the boys and girls at A2 Baits but especially Craig for producing a bait that works absolutely every where and that I have confidence in. Also thank you to Jamie Hay for giving me the opportunity to fish such a great venue.

Junior Team Member Harry Tindall Has Been Out

Just under 2 months ago I started my campaign on Sutton 2, I knew very little about the lake apart from the fact that it is rock hard and not many fish come out. I got my ticket at the beginning of the season but decided not to fish it straight away as I knew it would be very busy so I waited for it to calm down a bit before I started. I was only going to be fishing the lake for roughly 6 hours in the evenig after I finished work as you have to be off the lake by 10:30pm. This was one of the main factors that makes the lake so difficult. I did my first session on the 25th of July and despite fish showing over my spots I blanked (this isn’t unusual as I later found out). I was going home that evening frustrated by the amount of fish that I had seen and not catching one. I carried on doing the the evenings trying to find where the fish were when I turned up but this was difficult as they only seem to show them selfs at dusk when it is getting dark and by that time most swims on the lake are taken and is hard to get in where the fish are showing. So it turned into a big guessing game. Fast forward 2 weeks and this was when we had the torrential rain I decided I had to go down the lake. On arrival at the gate it started to lash it down. So still with positive thoughts in mind I unloded the car and had a good walk round the lake and found where some fish were showing. So I chucked both rods out with a few pouches of CT over the top using humbug wafters as my hook baits. After that was all sorted I got straight under my brolly and Waited, after no time at all it was 9pm and it was looking good for a bite And out of nowhere came a screeming run and I was in to my first Sutton 2 carp after a hairy battle I had it in the net. I couldn’t describe the feeling but it was such a relief. I had landed my first Sutton 2 scaly! Now with one under my belt and feeling a lot more confident I managed to bank another one 3 sessions later this time being a lovely 21lb linear stockie the bite came around the same time as the last so it was looking like I would be catching a lot of my fish in the last hour I had on the lake be before I had to be off. After I had that fish I carried on doing at least 2 – 3 Evenings a week and it was a good three weeks later that I had my latest fish. I turned up to the lake trying to feel as confident as possible but when I pulled up in the car park it was packed which isn’t what I like to see. So I loaded up my barrow and had a walk round the lake, there wasn’t a lot of choice left so I went in to a swim called the dugout which has quite a lot of water in front of it and I thought that I would stand a good chance fishing in there. I clipped up, found my spots and got my rods out it wasn’t long after I had set up one showed to the right of my spot which gave me a boost of confidence but after that I didn’t really see much in front of me until about 9:30 one showed right over one of my rods and guess what 5 minuets later that rod peeled off now I was playing my 3rd carp but this one was not Hanging around, To say that it beat me up would be a understatement. After about 10 mins my mate rob slipped the net under it. It was a lovely common. When we got it out of the water we realised the true size of it and I said “thats a new PB” and it was weighing in a 34lb 4oz. Not only was it a new PB but it was my first 30lber, I was buzzing! We took a few pictures and slipped it back. .

Sutton was now definitely my new addiction

Mike Eves With One Of The A Team On His First Visit

Excitedly turned up for my 1st session at my new club (given a pass for the whole weekend by the Mrs 😉😉).The 1st night went by with a couple of bleeps,watched alot of fizzing in the morning and decided to re-position my rods to where the fizzing had been.After a sleepless night due to a blocked nose 😷 my left hand rod bleeped into action slowly taking line. A mint ghost common hit the spreader block and I immediately knew which fish I had……happy days. A fish known as ‘Baby Brutus’ @33lb. Taken on a 16mm Crafty Carper ‘show special’ pop-up over hemp, A2 banoffee and ct chops.