Adam Prado-Marin

With work in the way, i was glad to be able to get out for a few hours after a night shift and let off some steam. I had been told by other anglers that the lake had been fishing terribly but i hadn’t been put off, i just needed some time on the bank. I arrived just after 6 am & after a quick walk around i noticed that the weed had already began to take over, it left the majority of the lake looking like a submerged jungle. Weather reports had told me it would be a fairly hot morning, so i decided on the shallows, even though this was the most weedy part of the lake. I stood observing the unusually calm water for a while, when i noticed three big, dark, scaley warlock mirrors drift underneath my feet. At this point everything screamed inside me to get the rods out, but i continued to watch. They drifted slowly, side by side away from the margin & into the weed & came out in a clear spot amongst the thick canadian, i then watched for the next ten minutes as they trothed through all those juicy naturals on the lake bed, gills hard at work, stunning big paddles steadying them , such beauty. This was enough, i snuck back to my make shift camp and swiftly tied up a rig with a CT snowman, the ice from the wind freezing my hands to the point of numbing. Rigged up and ready to go, i threw out a few CT chops to push those scaley stunners out from the spot, mother luck was clearly on my side today, as in one cast, i hit the spot & watched as the rig landed bang on the money! Yes! I decided to walk away and leave it to fate, watching those old beautys proved too much for me to handle. With my time on the bank being fairly limited at the moment, i began the necessary process of tying rigs and checking my set ups. around 10 minutes later i recieved two bleeps, looking up i noticed the tip shake ever so slightly. Then with one almighty roar the rod bent round and line began flying from the clutch, bite alarms absolutely screaming, everything was thrown onto the floor and i picked up into what i hoped was one of those stunning old lake relics. It powered off all around the shallows, smashing through weed, it clearly had no thought of snagging me up, but my god she was giving me a beautiful battle. After a little while, Hoping it would never end, she made her way into the margins when disaster struck, the rod locked up solid, that horrible moment when everything did finally become snagged. I stood there, holding pressure, feeling the occasional kicks of the old girl letting me know she was still there, keeping the faith. She kicked out after a few minutes and came straight up for air, once she hit the surface, to my amazement, it was one of the lakes few commons, stunningly dark and golden colours, with a deep solid belly. I grabbed at my net as she appeared to be done and swung the old girl over my spreader block, she was mine & what a stunner she was.


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