Daniel Smith at Les quis

Hello mate hope your good here’s some photos and a little wright up 

I went out to les quis for my first trip 19th aug 14 I was so unsure about what bait to use so thought I couldn’t go wrong with the one they sell on site A2 s/o c/t. so orderd myself some of each with the dips after half hour of my rod being out i had a 28 lb mirror on c/t so that was it I set all 3 rods up on it and started banging from the off they just couldn’t get enough of it after 3or4 days my c/t  was starting to run low so I switched over to my s/o and fuck me they couldn’t get enough of that to I had such a good week there with 43 runs and landed 36fish biggest 41.05 loads of upper 30’s and loads of upper 20’s all I can say mate is TOP BAIT FOR A TOP LAKE bang in mate.

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