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December 2017 A2 Baits Social @ Cretelakes – Jan Jooken

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After having my best season so far, the icing on the cake for me was the social @ Cretelakes with some of the A2 members. I had been looking forward to this trip for months, and what a trip it turned out to be !

My week started off real slow, no bites in the first 2 nights. We were merely spectators of the Jamie-show taking place in front of our eyes. Jamie managed to move the entire stock of fish onto his rods and ended up with 47 fish in 4 days, including 6 sixties and numerous 50s and 40s. What a session he had.

My new 65 lb PB Mirror

62.2 lb Mirror

For me, it all started after my move to lake 3. Both James and Jamie, “Cretelakes locals”,  gave me advice on some of the hot spots on my chosen peg. I put 3 rods on those and 1 rod in open water where I saw a fish top while setting up. To start, I baited up with 4 kg mixture of A2 CT and Banoffee crumb glugged to the max with the banoffee glug spread over the 4 rods, topping it up on a regular basis with a small amount of crumb. My hookbait of choice was a washed out pink banoffee 70/30. All rods were positioned just before dark and the waiting game began.

The first bite didn’t take long and was followed quickly by bite 2 and 3, all on the open water rod. I decided to put a second rod in open water close to this one and it proved to be the right choice, ending up with 6 fish in the first night, biggest being 52,6 lb. The carp were definitely on the bait and at 11am, I had a double take. Luckely Dan moved in the swim next door and helped me out. Both fish slipped over the net cord and what a brace it turned out to be, 46,7 and 53,4 lb. Jamie came round to put it on film and while taking some pics, the right hand rod went again. It felt like a good fish and when I saw it safely in the bottom of my net, I was absolutely buzzing. On the scales it went 62,2 lb, which was a new pb for me. This was the end of an 11 fish haul in the first 24 hours after my move, all on the open water rods. I already was going home one very happy angler, and I still had 4 days in front of me. 

The bites slowed down and it took some time until the next bite. This time the bite came on a rod close to some snags. All rods started to produce bites now, averaging about 2-3 carp a day. Not bad considering it was beginning of December and a water temperature down to 4 degrees.

57 lb Mirror

55.4 lb Mirror

2 PB’s on the final morning

The week progressed so fast that without realizing it, the final night of our stay was there. All rods were placed perfectly on the spots one final time and I crossed my fingers to get to 20 fish. Just one more was needed to achieve this goal. And yes, at about 5am in the morning, I was woken by the screaming noice of my receiver. After a batlle that seemed to last hours, a good fish went into the sling to put on film first thing next morning. When I went to have a proper look at first light, I didn’t believe my eyes. What a CHUNK !!! I called out to Dan for a hand and he told me he also had something special in the sling. 

Conclusion : 2 pb’s broken in the final morning, mine broken for the second time this week. Weights came in at 65 lb for me and 53,2 lb for Dan. While waiting for cameraman Lee, I had another bite weighing in @ 57 lb resulting in 21 fish for the week. Couldn’t imagine a nicer ending to this spectacular week ! Roll on next year !!!