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Mum’s Specials 70/30s


Only available in 16 mm

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The mums specials 70/30’s consist of 70% base mix and 30% Polaris popup mix, hence the name. This
makes them critically balanced. The little fleck of extra color has put many fish on the bank. The mums
specials are very loved within the team. No team member ever goes to the bank without these sweets.
When everything else failed, swapping over to a mums specials almost never lets us down and provided
bites when expecting a blank.

The Mums Specials range is something Craig personally wanted to do, regarding sad times and the loss of
his mum to cancer. One of her favorites were strawberry and cream, which inspired Craig for the flavor.
It makes him proud when someone catches on them and puts a smile on his face. He owes her a lot and
believes she is always watching over him !

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