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Mum’s Specials Washed Pink Popups


These are also known as “Scratchers”. If you scratch off a little of the white outside layer, a fluro pink colour shows. This avoids having to use any plastic topper for a fleck of colour.

Only available in 14 mm

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The mums specials Popups, also known as “scratchers”, are now available. The name scratchers comes
from the fact that if you want a little fleck of colour, you can simply scratch or cut off some of the white
outer shell and you will find a lovely fluro pink underneath. So much easier than playing around with
plastic hookbaits which have become a familiar sight for practically every carp. It also helps you get
round plastic bans on certain lakes

The Mums Specials range is something Craig personally wanted to do, regarding sad times and the loss of
his mum to cancer. One of her favorites were strawberry and cream, which inspired Craig for the flavor.
It makes him proud when someone catches on them and puts a smile on his face. He owes her a lot and
believes she is always watching over him !

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